Pleiku Remembered – poetry

Pleiku Remembered

Ten years ago today

a helicopter left a roof

dropping life as it fluttered away

into 1985

and a bus ran over a baby’s skull

to keep it safe from Communism

and my head came home again

as NVA officers slept in bunks

where I had slept once

and I scream

but don’t know if it’s rage or joy

because I’ve been betrayed

but at least it’s over

until the next night

I wake up covered in sweat

reaching for a gun

ducking a mortar round

listening to death envelope a camp

and officers complaining because gook bodies

are being thrown out too close to camp

and they smell up the place something terrible.


About paganveteran

National Coordinator of the Pagan Veterans Headstone Campaign and current National Commander, Pagan Veterans of the United States of America. Author, writer, poet, speaker and general disturber of the peace.
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