There was a lake – poetry

There was a lake

shaped like the sign for eternity

and the time I spent there seemed just like that

with the dust and the rain and the blood

when death came from the skies

in little packages from them

and in much bigger packages from us

and the eight inch express trains

nearly took me away one night

when a green man read his numbers backward

when a little black and white dog

was more human than the men who kept him

and dead ponies were left to rot in the fields

victims of free fire mentalities

created by men who wanted to cover themselves

in rainbow colored glory

carried out by other men

who only wanted to go home

but not on the midnight flight


About paganveteran

National Coordinator of the Pagan Veterans Headstone Campaign and current National Commander, Pagan Veterans of the United States of America. Author, writer, poet, speaker and general disturber of the peace.
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