We may get some press

Most anyone who visits here has probably read the press release I put here. Now there is news on that front.

I talked to a wirter for the Bucks County Courier-Times, Jim McGuiness, and he is interested in writing a story. Thing is, I’m not sure what the story will be about. I don’t knew if he will focus on a member of PVUSA bieng involved with other veterans groups, about Pagans in the military, or something completely different.

What I do know is that no matter how bad the story turns out (or how good), it will help publicize the fact that thousands of Pagans have served and are serving in the American military – and that is flat out good.

Stay tuned boys and girls, no specific time, no specific station, just peek in here and check out what happens.


Oh, one question. I see that the decision has been made to put several accused terrorists on trial in New York because it is the safest location for such a trial in the country. Now let me ask what happens when the first lawyer for any of the defendants requests a change of venue based on bias on the part of prospective jurors in New York? Wonder why no one else is asking this question? Is it possible that changes of venue are not allowed in such cases and, if so, is that grounds for an appeal?

Oh, and what about speedy trial and all the rest of the possible defense motions? Miranda rights? Questioning using methods not allowed in other situations?

Just wondering…



About paganveteran

National Coordinator of the Pagan Veterans Headstone Campaign and current National Commander, Pagan Veterans of the United States of America. Author, writer, poet, speaker and general disturber of the peace.
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One Response to We may get some press

  1. Connie says:

    Good news about the press thing – hope it happens and fast 🙂

    I am not one to ask opinions on about trials and such. There is a good reason I am not a lawyer – I haven’t the patience to be a good one. I get fed up with stupidity and evil. I was annoyed that it took so long to get the DC sniper executed… my son was a toddler in day care, unable to go out and play because of wide-spread fear of that murderer, and this same kid is now 8, almost 9, years old before justice was finally served. See, logically, I know there is a good reason for taking time and due process and even delays such as change of venue.. but I’m not logical. I suppose I have an evil side and am too quick to anger and condemn. At least I have come to accept it and hold myself accountable/in check. No law school for me. Probably be kicked out of any jury as well.

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